Kangaroo Puff Bites -100g
Kangaroo Puff Bites -100g

Kangaroo Puff Bites -100g

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Kangaroo Puff Cubes are all natural, all Australian single ingredient treats. The treat comes from the Lung of the Kangaroo. Cut up by hand into small bite-sized pieces.

They are a great quick snack dog treat while also benefiting from the low fat and omega 3 rich Kangaroo meat.

The lung is very light, and so are not very dense = making them a great low-fat treat. Therefore, they are not as rich on the stomach.

Puff cubes while light, are hard cubes which can’t easily be broken up. They are a nice bite-size so best to give the treat as a whole. The Lamb Puff Crumble is a more appropriate treat, should you want to break them up into small training pieces.