Lamb Puff Bites 80g
Lamb Puff Bites 80g

Lamb Puff Bites 80g

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Lamb Puff Cubes are 100%, Australian Lamb. All natural, single ingredient product containing no preservatives, no additives and no added sugar.

These make a great quick snack or for training purposes. Perfect and tasty for dogs of all sizes.

These treats are air puffed making them super light and healthy for your dog.  Because they are so light, you can rest assured they will be light on your dog’s stomach too. Not too rich at all!

Plus, they are incredibly low-fat too!

Puff cubes, while light, are hard. These means they aren’t easy to break up. It’s best to give these bite sized pieces as a whole.

Alternatively, the lamb puff crumble are a more appropriate treat should you want to be able to break them up.