Lbarkery Pawsecco

Lbarkery Pawsecco

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Enjoy the latest Dog and Cat Sparling Wine from Lbarkery. IMMUNE SYSTEM AND URINARY TRACT HEALTH

No Preservatives No Added Sugars Human Grade

Coconut Pomegranate and Cranberry

Coconut a natural source of electrolytes, aids a healthy immune system. Anti Bacterial Antifungal and great for Skin and coat.

Pomegranate Fibre Vitamin K Folate Potassium which boosts your pets Immune System

Cranberry Vitamin E C and K Copper, Potassium Manganese Iron Magnesium Fibre Antioxidant Boosting the immune system and urinary tract health. Also aids in neurological health.

Just add water and shake. Can be sprinkled over food or frozen for an icy treat