About us

Going back to the beginning....

Wholesome Paws eventuated from the love of all things K9. My boy Bass came to our family initially as a temporary foster dog. It was love at first sight and as time went on the bond grew stronger and stronger with my family. A few months went by and I knew our family could never live without him and so he became a foster fail and a permanent part of our family.
Being such an active dog, he struggled to gain weight due to a condition called Hypothyroidism. I started to look into different options of what I could feed him to give him the best quality of life. Keeping in my our family also has an older dog named Chevy, who is a fourteen year old miniature dachshund. We have to watch her weight due to the breed having a number of issues particularly with their spine and obesity as they get older.
A good friend of mine introduced me to a fantastic range of animal treats our pets instantly loved and responded very well too. After seeing so many great results and creating so many eating pleasures for our inquisitive canines, I was sadden to hear of the business closing. After much thought and some encouragement from our four legged friends, I knew I could not let this door close.
I decided to take over this business to keep delivering the same high standard of quality treats and products that were delivered to me.
As a society we are very aware of what preservatives and additives can do to human beings, why would it be any different for our dogs? All Wholesome Paws treats are high quality, all natural, preservative and additive free. Our products are 100% Australian made using advanced dehydration technology. They are nutrient rich, fresh, low in fat and most of all your dogs will love them! After all... dogs are mans best friend, why wouldn't you want to feed them with the highest quality treats available?
Anna Bramwell
Wholesome Paws