Croc Foot - Single foot

Croc Foot - Single foot

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Crocodiles have different skin to other reptiles; crocodile skin is a scale called scutes. The webbed feet of a crocodile are covered in small scutes. The scutes really give this chew some toughness, perfect for those teeth.

Apart from the tough skin, the feet consist of meat, cartilage, tendon and a few very fine bones.

They are...

  • 100% Australian Crocodile feet
  • Single-ingredient, no added hormones
  • All-natural with no added colours, flavours, or preservatives
  • Sourced from human consumption crocodile processor
  • High protein
  • Low Fat -Yes- suitable for pets with pancreatitis
  • Low Calorie – Yes
  • Non-greasy -Yes
  • Excellent choice for pets with allergies (something different)