Duck Necks - 100g

Duck Necks - 100g

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Delightful, delicious, and delectable!  You can be assured that our duck products will meet and exceed all your expectations. Unlike other dried duck necks that have not been oven cooked. We do take the time to cut as much fat off as possible, making this treat more desirable for pets with pancreatitis.

Our duck is 100% Australian and is sourced from a Safe Food approved, human grade facility.


Health benefits duck treats provide -

  • Duck contains healthy omega 3 fats.
  • Duck has a balance of healthy fats for boundless energy
  • Duck is excellent for heart and nerve health and tissue regeneration
  • Feeding Duck may help joint health and help in reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • Duck helps build strong muscles
  • Duck is excellent for healthy skin and coats
  • Our duck treats are excellent for dental health