Goat Ear - With Fur - 2 per packet

Goat Ear - With Fur - 2 per packet

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Goat Ears are 100% Australian and contain no preservatives, additives or added sugar. They are an all natural, single ingredient product.

These ears come with fur on. A little fur makes for insoluble fibre and together with the ear makes a valuable source of manganese & which is ideal for joints & ligaments.

Similar to our kangaroo ears, goats ears are nice and soft on the outer (because of the fur) but fairly bendy and very chewy. These ears are very suitable for all-sized dogs, especially from the benefits of the fur. Mini, small and medium dogs will find them to be long-lasting whereas larger-sized dogs will find them nice and chewy. Although it probably won’t last as long.

Please note these ears are 100% natural – fur on and not treated in any way. While we do check it’s possible that we may have missed some ticks or burrs in the ear. The Ticks have gone through the dehydration process and are dead and will not cause harm to your dog if ingested. Some burrs may be poisonous however only if eaten in sufficient quantities.

We highly recommend you check each ear and remove it if this concerns you.

Generally, goat treat is a fantastic alternative for dogs with allergies or dogs that get upset stomachs easily.  The ears mainly contain cartilage and fibre, making it an even more beneficial treat for your pet.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase. If kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight